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2018 Grinduro Race Report by Jake Mikesell

October 02nd, 2018

The final race in the Triple Crown series was last weekend and some of us participated. For those of us who did, I think we could all agree it was a jam-packed weekend full of many flat tires, bike racing, dust, hipster fights, and of course beer. The Grinduro 2018 consisted of myself, Jed, Adam, Bill, Paul, Michelle, Jonz, and our guest Steve Wilson.

To start off this exquisite weekend, Paul and Bill took off on the Motos on about a 200-mile ride from Redding to Quincy and left Michelle sick as a dog to drive the motorhome over. Club Jed joined up with Michelle, and we embarked on our voyage over the unburnt part of California. In Red Bluff, Jed and Adam pointed out these hobos brawling on the side of the road. One yarded back a humongous stick and whacked the other over the head while he countered the stick whacker with several punches to the head knocking one into the street and was nearly run over. As we rounded the corner to Dale station just outside of Red Bluff, we received an urgent call from Michelle saying that she had a flat tire on the motorhome. The rear inside tire of the dually was utterly shredded. After locating the spare tire, the motorhome was not equipped with a jack, so we improvised with Jed’s jack to his truck. So, I found myself waltzing under the motorhome in the dirt to jack it up. In the process of all of this, Adam cracked open a beer and began to take pictures. We got the new tire on and continued down the road towards Quincy. Our streak of luck continued when the road construction at Lake Almanor detoured us around the lake adding even more time and frustration. Finally ending up at the fairgrounds, we set up camp, ate some Tri-tip, hung out with friends, and I played with Marley.

It’s race day and of course more flat tires! Paul and I both were having tubeless problems, so I slapped a tube in, and Paul continued to work his wisdom and patience on his tubeless setup. The starting temperature was below many of our comfort levels, and of course, Jonz was dressed like an Eskimo. We started off slowly saving the matches for the timed segments. Jed and Steve barreled up the first segment laying down some impressive times. Sweating our brains out we mistakenly dumped many of our warm clothes off on the next climb. During the untimed portions, we gabbed about whatever came to mind. We regrouped right before the second segment which was a fast, dusty downhill. Our “plan” was to stick together so we could get Adam a contending time for the Triple Crown but that went out the window, and everyone split up and went their own pace. We rolled into a rest stop and slammed down some Coca-Colas and bacon wrapped pickles to ease the pain from the last segment. We continued to noodle along to the most painful section of this race, the road Time Trial. We scoped out some horses that we wanted to be with and when we all started, many people joined in, which created confusion and chaos for the split that was about to happen. Boom, the main group was splitting away, and Bill tried to pull us up to the main group, but he was the only one that was successful. Adam and I found ourselves in a nice five to ten person group with some horses while we held on for dear life. We all rolled into lunch begging for some new legs. A six-mile 2,200ft climb awaited after lunch, and we all attacked at different paces saving for the last and final segment. The final segment was a single track (mountain bike) downhill, and many crossers were begging for suspension. Jonz laid an impressive PR on his full suspension while blazing past cross bikes left and right. Jonz held her wide open, and he was sure that Jed could not beat his time, but Pope never fails. Wild Bill came blazing down this segment with some enemies barking at him at the bottom. But he kept his cool and let his absorbed competition vent their troubles. Adam raced down to the bottom with a scrapped up knee ready for more action. The Diesel and I dragged the blue train back to the fairgrounds with our chins held high. We all gotcleaned up, talked about our adventures (pains of the day), and headed to dinner. Some of us were so tired that we went back to camp and went to bed while others (no names mentioned) partied and met people from other countries.

Thank you, John and Owens Healthcare, for allowing us to go to this outstanding event. Your support is much appreciated by every one of us! I had an experience of a lifetime, and I got to do it with my good friends. I cannot wait till the next adventure that we can endeavor together, and I know there will never be a dull moment.

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October 02nd, 2018 15:41:03
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