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2018 Henleyville Road Race Report by Jake Mikesell

October 02nd, 2018

I am a little late on this race report but on Saturday September 22nd Adam and I raced in the Henleyville Road Race. Getting to the event, I saw many younger people who I thought would be in my field but they weren’t. In my field there were only six contenders. Three, two, one, and the whistle blew. We started to communicate right at the beginning which was a relief. For those of you who haven’t been to this race it is DEAD FLAT. Within the first ten miles we had lost a man so I knew for sure that I was getting a T-shirt so that was nice. The course was three laps with about 18 miles per lap and did I mention that it is flat? During the race there were no attacks and many of the other riders would pull for four to five miles so I just sat on the back and enjoyed them breaking the wind for me. The laps barreled on and I was feeling pretty good. As we rounded the final turn everyone started to fight for position. The finish line was at the top of a “hill” and the sprint was on. I took off around my competition and started up this hill at full gas. Another racer and I were side by side until about 3/4 to the finish line and he started to pull away. I was giving it all I had but I could not compete with someone who had quad muscles that stuck two inches out of his legs. All in all I got 2nd place, lost by a few bike lengths and had a great time. Adam ended up finishing in 10th against his 20 man plus field. After the race we fueled up on some delicious tacos at Johnny’s Taco in Corning and headed home. Thank you John and Owens Healthcare for the opportunity to race with backing. I look forward to the next race which is Grinduro, and I predict many problems occurring.


-Jake Mikesell

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October 02nd, 2018 15:39:00
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