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2018 Lost & Found Race Report by Jake Mikesell

June 06th, 2018

Many of you know and also suffered through the fantastic Lost and Found 2018 at Lake Davis, California over the weekend. I have to admit; it was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my entire life. Mentally frustrating, physically demanding, and emotionally a day of accomplishment.

The nervous journey to beautiful Graeagle Ca started on Friday, June 1st as “Club Jed”, which consisted of Jed, Adam, Steve Wilson, and myself motored towards the race. Upon arrival around 6:30 pm, we dumped the trailer at the RV park and decided to go to the race course and get our number plates. We made it just in the nick of time which saved stress and time for the crazy morning to come.

June 2nd Race day. The age categorical five-minute staggered start put a damper on our ability to work together as a team. The countdown; five, four, three, two, one, and we’re off! Out the gates the Men’s 30 and under category was starting off with some spunk so we zipped down the road section to the first dirt climb. Pacing myself for a long and tiring day, I let many of my competitors zoom by me. Immediately following the first descent comes another climb about the same size. Still pacing myself, the flats traveling through the valley had come. Around mile 23 I saw a familiar face leaning into my side, Jed Pope yelling at me “Let’s Go kid!” so I hopped on, and we took off. Barely surviving on this vehicle tire track rutted dusty bottle graveyard of a road with a pack of 20 some odd guys Jed and I were “good living.” Shortly after everyone gathered themselves, a guy in our pack crashed which slowed and broke off of our group, so Jed and I were all on our own.

Hitting the pavement and descending into beautiful Antelope Lake was a sight to see. We left the dust bowl and headed into the dazzling groves of Aspen trees, fresh air, and blue sky for miles. By this time, we are about halfway through the ride and Jed, and I are feeling good-ish. We started climbing slow and steady mentally preparing ourselves for a ten mile, 2,500 feet of elevation climb. Nearing the top Jed and I had picked up many stragglers who had leached onto us, so Jed takes a swig of his pickle juice and decides to “drop the hammer” leaving our competitors in the dust. Finally reaching the top only led us to head down the mountain.

Skating down the sandy slopes of the Antelope Lake descent put a gap in between us and our rivals. Blazing through many of the aid stations only stopping for a brief moment to grab some delicious, mouthwatering bacon and pound half of a Coca-Cola was the extent of our stops. The pain-inducing pavement in massive pace lines was ahead for a while. Battling the wind and many others who were not wanting to pull the pack was frustrating. Back on the dirt and grinding out the climbs once again.

After many miles of Jed and I riding solo drafting off of each other on an unforgiving washboard road seemed never-ending. Finally, the smooth quiet but hot pavement again which was a familiar sight for us to capitalize on our competition. Hiding from the wind in another massive pace line seemed to be a go-to for the road. In the distance, I remember seeing a red tent and it was mistaken for the end of the race by myself and many others. Jed and I made a NASCAR pit stop to grab water and painfully hopped back on the bikes to continue the last five miles of the race. Slowly grinding past many helpless victims of the Lost and Found with facial expressions of pain as they fiercely rubbed out their legs for cramps hoping a fix was in sight. Barreling down which seemed to be the final leg of the course and remembering one final road climb was heartbreaking. But powering through like always Jed and I finally saw the finish line in sight. As we cruised across the finish line with severe leg cramps, we turned to each other and fist bumped, a memory that I will never forget. Congratulated by many others but especially Paul and Michelle Lennon. Dirt from head to toe, we hobbled over to Lake Davis to lay and relax in the water which was refreshing.

We congratulate all finishers from Owens Healthcare Cycling Team and our guest Steve Wilson. Here are the finishing times: Jed Pope coming in at 6:53:45. Jake Mikesell at 6:58:45. Adam Pressman at 7:26:00. Steve Wilson at 8:21:18. Jonz Norrine and Bill Reuss at 8:21:39.Everyone who participated in this event would agree that it is no joke and just being able to finish is an honor. We would not be as successful as we were if it was not for the extensive support from John Friesen and Owens Healthcare.

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June 06th, 2018 12:11:04
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