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Ashland Spring Thaw – Jed Pope May 20th and 21st

May 24th, 2017

DAY 1 – Jordan and I came up to the spring thaw today.  it was a good race with Jordan Hammer again.  New course this year due to low snow pack, was really looking forward to the course.  The gun went off and like normal hammer fest from the start.  I settled in quickly to top 10, feeling good on the climb and about halfway up I started to lose momentum but knew I could let them go and catch them going down.  I peaked the top at 50 minutes and started down to catch the group.  I worked my way back to 12th place and there was on last climb at the end.  I completely lost it and let about 7 guys get around me.  Caught a few more guys back on the last downhill.  I ended up 18th overall and 7th in my class. It was a good day on the mountain bike.  Thanks Owens for everything.  I’m hoping to podium for tomorrow’s downhill.


Day 2 – Downhill day at Ashland!!!! I woke up Sunday a little tired from Saturday but still was going to try my best.  The race was a tow stage downhill.  The first stage I know I would do ok on since I knew the trail, but the second stage I had only been down once.  I had a decent run on the first one but my legs were definitely feeling it from Saturday! The second stage I told myself to just ride smart, don’t take any chances, it’s not worth it and just pedal hard!  I ended up getting 3rd on the day and I was ok with it since I didn’t know the trail!  Super fun weekend still!! Thanks Owens! Thanks to my wife and son for supporting me all weekend!!!

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May 24th, 2017 14:29:14
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