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Ashland Enduro RR

July 15th, 2014

Ashland Enduro RR Race Report – Jed Pope 7.8.2014

Went up to Ashland for their 4 stage enduro two weekends ago. Me and my SOL and the little pope got up super early and drove up the morning of the race.

The first part of the race was an hour climb to the first stage. I got to the first stage and was ready to go.  I have ridden this part of the race before but it had been a couple of years ago so knew what was coming a little bit this stage has a little pop in it so I knew to give it all I had for it. I made it though with a smooth run.

The second stage was a super fast single track felt super strong on this stage and made a good run. After the second stage we had a little bit of time to eat and get a drink before we had to drive up to the top of Mt. Ashland where the third stage was.

The third stage is where the race was won or lost, it was the longest stage of the day. I knew a little part of this stage from doing the spring thaw so was ready to light all my matches on this one! I started off super hard and was feeling good so I kept lighting more matches and before I knew it I had caught the guy that started in front of me. Now I have found more matches knowing that I’m a minute up now so I light a couple more and then I caught another guy. I was super pumped now that I have made up a lot of time and just as I’m going around the second guy I get a flat rear tire. Super mad at this point after putting in all that hard work but that is racing! I fix my flat and ride to the last stage. I get though the last stage without a flat and a smooth run.

I still had a blast great day on the bike! Big thanks to my wife and son for cheering me on all day and thanks Owens for making it all happen. Sorry for the late report!

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July 15th, 2014 15:01:12
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