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Humbug Hurry Up XC

June 26th, 2014

Humbug Hurry Up XC Race Report – Jordan Anderson 6.25.14

Last Saturday I raced the Humbug Hurry Up XC, it was somewhat overcast and about 80 degrees, which made it perfect for a race. Jason and I raced the regular course, which was 2.5 laps and 24 miles. We rolled off the start line up the blacktop for a 1/4 mile at 10 am sharp, and then made a left onto the dirt and started racing.

Jason and I were sitting in the front 5 of the pack, and once we hit the first climb we both moved up a spot. I was in 2nd during the climb until we made it to “monster mile,” the steep, mile-long fire road climb. I moved into the lead right at the beginning of it, gave an effort to create a gap, which worked out so I just kept on grinding to the top. After a quick recovery on a short descent, I found myself on the hike-a-bike before the really fun DH.

After that short and painful hike, you get rewarded with a long, fast and flowing DH back to the start of the second lap. The next lap and half played out the same, I came across the finish at 2:07. Jason did great also, second in his class, 5th overall. Super fun race, thanks to everybody who put it on and to Owens for getting me up there!

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June 26th, 2014 16:54:16
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