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August 08th, 2014

Downieville RR Race Report – Jordan Anderson 8.4.2014

It was a bitter sweet goodbye leaving D-Ville yesterday, glad to be finished up but we can’t wait for the next one. Saturday was the XC race, 9:30 start, up the hour long fire road climb. It’s pretty steep, loose rock/gravel, and mostly one-lined. The top pro’s make it up in about 50 minutes. I felt pretty good for most of it, towards the top is a flat stretch for a little over a mile, and then one last steep pitch before the start of the DH. I used a few minutes of the DH to recover so I could put the power down again. Made it to the fire road connector between Sunrise and Pauley Creek where the baby head rocks awaited us.

Just as you think that you get a break from the 8 mile, 3000′ climb, you start right back up for a few miles headed to Pauley Creek. Once the descent down Pauley begins, it’s downhill for a good while all the way to a 700′ steep climb to the start of 3rd Divide. At the bottom of Pauley, a Junior was stranded without a tube or pump, so I gave him my stuff and told him to find me at the bottom so I could get my pump back…but I think he decided to hold onto it. So I was expecting some good karma for the rest of the weekend. By the time I got to that climb, I was starting to get pretty worn out, cramps had already came and gone, so I was just waiting for the next set (which never happened). Started down 3rd divide, really fast and flowing the whole way, its my favorite trail over there. By the end of the trail, you start getting close to the finish, only about 5 miles to go, with about a half mile left of climbing.

1st divide has now begun and I was doing my best to shut my legs up. I just kept thinking about the finish line. After a mile or two of pedaling, you get a short DH into the final little painful pitch, and then about 50 yards to the pavement. Now the final paved stretch where lots of passes happen. Luckily I didn’t have anybody behind me, so I just held my pace and rolled through the finish. My time was 2:18, 2:16 last year, so I was a little disappointed, but I’ll go for it again next year. Jed said he felt great the whole race and came across at 2:35.

Sunday was the DH day, 15 miles. They take out Pauley creek and add Butcher ranch in. Butcher starts as a double track fire road, with fast sweeping loose corners that narrow into a really technical rocky single track. They start you off in one minute intervals, so the whole time you just hope that your catching the guy in front of you, but at the same time, hoping you don’t get caught. It isn’t a typical DH race, it almost hurts worse than the xc climb because of how hard you have to pedal for most of it. I started off and felt great, wasn’t making very many mistakes, and just having a blast. About half way down, I had a solid rhythm going, and then out of nowhere at about 25mph, I went over the bars and cartwheeled for about 15 feet. I somehow missed all of the rocks and didn’t hurt myself, but the bike took a beating. So with a severely bent rear disk and twisted bars I rode the remainder of the race pretty cautiously. I would have fixed the bars if my saddle bag didn’t rip off and disappear in the bushes. I made it down without anymore issues, finished in 54 minutes. Jed felt great again, but sliced his tire and had to CO2 it, so he finished in 53 minutes. But overall we had a great time once again, and we’ll be back next year for redemption. Hopefully we can talk some of the Blue Train into joining us! Thanks Owens for making it happen, we did our best to fly the Blue flag. Also a huge thanks to Paul for letting me use his Trance, don’t worry, I’ll get it fixed up and ready to rock again.

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August 08th, 2014 08:53:18