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Blazing Saddles RR

May 27th, 2014

Blazing Saddles RR – Jed Pope 5.25.2014

Todd, Adam and I raced the last round of the BS series. The start was blazing fast like always. I jumped out front quick knowing there were some fast guys from Chico and that Todd would be hammering it hard. Todd went by me up the first climb like I was tied to a post then two more guys came by. I knew I didn’t have a lot in me for this race as I was still recovering from last weeks race. I told myself just try and keep them close and get them on the down hill! About half way up I was starting to feel the heat and getting hot so I just held a good pace to the top. I hammered into the down hill thinking there is no way I’m catching theses guys I lost too much time on the climb and then I started to see some dust up ahead.  That’s all I needed for me to keep hammering this slick down hill. I got by one of the guys just before the bottom, then I could see second place just in front of me now. I tried to close the gap to him but just couldn’t get there. I finished third over all and first in my class so I was super pumped on that; considering that last year I could barely walk due to my back injury.  Todd ended up winning the race and Adam finished sixth, we represented Owens pretty well. Just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s help getting me back on the bike, couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thanks again Owens for the support! See everyone soon.

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May 27th, 2014 13:35:45

Ashland Spring Thaw Race Report

May 22nd, 2014

Ashland Spring Thaw 2014 Race Report – Jonz Norine 5.20.2014

Where to start?

I think we will begin at 4:oo pm on Friday at Todd Dodds’ house.

In the van were Todd Dodds, Bill Dodds, and Jonz Dodds – on our way to Ashland Spring Thaw 2014.

We met John and the Friesen Clan at Campo del Friesen in Mt. Shasta for a great night of pre-race carbs of the solid and liquid variety. (Thank you Patty).

After a super good night’s sleep, we emerged exceptionally early from our blanket cocoons to a breakfast that of course included bacon. (Thank you again Patty).

John decided to spend the day with the family, so the remainder of the Doddses traveled on to the wilds of Oregon to test their mettle against the hills and dells of the Southern Cascades.

Weather was perfect. Warm but not too warm (of course I would have liked it about 30 degrees hotter, but that’s just me).

Jed Dodds came up from Redding to meet us that morning.

The gun went off.

TDodds was on his 10-pound Lynskey singulator (just an estimate), BDodds on a geared anchor of a 2013 Trance X, JdDodds on the same beast, and JzDodds on his 2014 Trance X (which is just as big as anchor, but has a cooler paint scheme than the previous year). We struggled mightily against the mass and weight of our machines. We were no match.

TDodds left us in the dust on what must have seemed to him to be a witch’s broom flying up the climb without effort! Either that, or he actually trains and is in shape.

That was the last time we saw TDodds – the start line. He shot off like he was the bunny in a greyhound race…and the greyhounds were angry..and the greyhounds were hopped up on ‘ludes.

The rest of us took off at a reasonable rate of speed because it was 12 miles to the top of the climb. No. Seriously. 12 miles up a long fire road.

And there was a pretty steep single track kicker at the top. Once we got there, it was down, down, down. Single track then a little fire-road, then single track again all the way to the end.

I don’t know how he did it on on that fully rigid single speed, but Todd killed it and ended up 4th in a stacked SS category, the first of us Owens boys.

Seven minutes later JzDodds arrived. I wasn’t able to accelerate on the steep parts, but on the more gentle uphills I put it in the big ring and CRANKED for all I was worth and gained a few places as the interminable climb proceeded. It was fun to see people’s faces drop as they were passed on an uphill by a double-boing-bike.

As a surprise to all including myself, I passed a few folks on the downhill. Yay me and I didn’t crash all the way to the finish.

Less than two minutes after I finished, JdDodds came in. He probably made up 10 minutes on the downhill (we all know how fast he descends).

Same thing for BDodds – he arrived only a short time later. Kvetching about a lack of training for the uphill pull. But he more than made up for it on the gravity bomber downhill.

Despite getting killed by most of the field JzDodds placed 1st in the geriatric 45+ Expert field (hence his job to do race report)

TDodds placed 4th in SS (Tim Olsen, yeah, THAT Tim Olsen, won that category).

JdDodds placed 11th in non-elderly expert men and BDodds took the 24th spot in that self-same category.

After the race we checked out the Caldera Brewery and Restaurant in the Ashland outskirts for post-race recovery meat. It was way better than just good.

We got back to Redding at a reasonable hour to spend time with our families on Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to Owens for sponsoring a great team race that turned into a super team weekend.

We missed all that could not make it. Next time we hope to see you too.





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May 22nd, 2014 09:04:59