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Lemurian RR Report

April 30th, 2014

Lemurian RR Report – Jordan Anderson 4.26.2014

Let’s just say that today was a perfect day for the race. Yesterday’s rain made the dirt awesome, there wasn’t really any mud, and it wasn’t hot like it usually is. We started out at a good pace, the whole team was within a minute of each other all the way up first climb, and then we started to separate. Dodds and I were going down the gas-can passing a good amount of racers, and then I looked back for second and he was gone. More on that story at the end.

I caught a draft across the dam and then was able to give a good effort up 5 pound. Made it through the rocky stuff and buckhollow clean, and then was able to power the flats. Amber and my parents helped us with little aid station and then we were ready to hit Satan’s crack. By this time I was starting to get cramps, so I kept it nice and smooth trying not to burn too many matches. Through both creek crossings and then headed up the fire road to the couch, really starting to hurt now. Made it to the last part of the couch and the sheriff was waiting for us to give a little extra motivation. Thanks buddy! The couch DH was the best it has ever been, I’m sure somebody set a new KOM on that today. Got to sheep’s camp and the cramps set it, but I was able to fight them off through the finish. Great day for a race, everybody had a blast, even Todd… Turns out that he front flatted right behind me, fixed it and then about 30 yards after, his front tire blew off the rim, and his tube wrapped around the disc brake and he went head over heals. He still finished though and had fun. John decided to race the short course with Johan, who was riding his bmx bike, good job! Bill may have broken a rib or two, I don’t know the story on that though, he said it involved attempting a back flip or something. Anyhow, great day for a race, thanks Owens for making it happen and we’ll see you guys Wednesday.

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April 30th, 2014 16:23:11

Napa/Sea Otter RR

April 14th, 2014

Napa/Sea Otter RR – Jordan Anderson 4.13.2014

Last Sunday, Todd, Adam, Scott and I raced the Napa Valley dirt classic. 19 miles and around 3000 feet of climbing. Awesome trails, mostly twisting and rolling single track, we found a little mud but managed to steer clear of most of it. Todd and I started at 10:30, with Scott and Adam 10 minutes later. Todd got second in expert SS, we both finished in around 1:40, Scott and Adam were both around 1:50. We all had a blast and chowed down on some good grub in Calistoga on the way out.

Yesterday, I raced the xc and cx races down at Sea Otter. My xc race was 36 miles with 5400 feet elevation gain. I raced the pro class but knew coming into it from last weekend that I’m not in the kind of shape that I would like to be. 92 guys started, 82 finished. They should have ran the loop backwards, because they had us climbing single track and descending on paved/fire roads. I would say it was 2/3rds paved and fire roads. My plan was to save my energy for the second lap, which I’m glad I did or I would have blown up very quickly. Christophe Sauser took first place with a time of 2 hours, I was taking my time behind him and rolled across at 2:30. My goal was under 3 hours.

Later that day at 6pm, I did the Pro/1/2 cx race. It was 40 minutes. Sea otter really knows how to put a fun cx race together though! They had a 50 yard stretch of pea gravel that was about 6 inches deep, I made it through twice without getting off but it was tough. They also put in an S section through wet sand, and then on the opposite end of the course were two sets of barriers, one big roll over, a fly over, and then a section lined with the funniest crowd i’ve ever raced through. I was reaching for money and hit a beer can…found myself a couple feet away from my bike after that. 22 guys, top 10 were pros, I was 15th. Really fun day, awesome support crew thanks to the parents and grandma (and Chain Gang for getting the bikes dialed in). ¬†As always, thanks to Owens for making it happen, it was a solid weekend.

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April 14th, 2014 11:00:57