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Final BASP CX Race

December 16th, 2013

Final BASP CX Race┬áReport – Jordan Anderson 12.8.2013

Paul, Scott, and I just finished up racing down here in the bay at Coyote Point Park. This was the best race down here, there was a nice steep little climb, a fast fun dh, some sand, and it was a pretty smooth course for the most part. It started on the climb and then bottle necked into the dh. So, Scott was the first one to race this morning with the singlespeed B’s. He had a good, fun race and ended up 9th without issues. Paul was next in the 45+ A’s. He was going strong the whole race and held his spot, ended up around 25th, he had a good flow going. After his race he gave me a few pointers on where the good lines are, and then sent me on my way. I was in the third row on the start, by the top of the hill I might have gained a spot or two, and then washed out on the first dh corner. I recovered fine and kept it going. I was in the top 15 for the majority of the race, made a few mistakes, dropped the chain twice, and I ended up 10th or 11th. Overall it good day, a little cold, but nothing compared to the sub-zero racing up in Bend yesterday and today! Ouch…

Thanks Owens, see everybody Wednesday.

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December 16th, 2013 11:03:34