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Henleyville RR

September 30th, 2013
Henleyville RR – Adam Pressman Race Report 9.30.13
In bike racing, as with most things in life, the craziest things can happen.  So it was at about mile 42 of the Henleyville Road Race this past Saturday.  Tom Dillard and I had gotten away… from the field about 15 miles before, and we had about 15 miles to go.  My legs were feeling the pain of the effort, but I was optimistic.  The main field had been out of sight for a while, and we were taking good solid pulls along the back part of the course. For reasons I can’t explain, the song “Roxanne” (or at least the 20-some-odd words of it I know) is playing in my head. It wasn’t Sting’s version of “Roxanne,” rather it Eddie Murphy’s version from 48 hours: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdNLhzrcZSo
But, I am way ahead of myself, and possibly off topic.
The 45+ 4/5s at Henleyville do three flat 18 mile laps with a little bump at about mile 8. After the three laps, we go about another mile, finishing on another bump of about 300 M. No wind, no weather; field size of 24, including 6 guys from Body Concepts. Along with me are Lennon, Asbill and Big Dillard.
Our plan, (with thanks to input from Simpson and Reuss) was to be patient: We would help keep things together for the first two laps and then attack and counter attack in the last lap, get someone into the break (or bring it back until one of us was in the break), then let the break go and shepard a sprinter (not me) so he was as fresh as possible if the break was caught.
It was a good plan, and for the first lap, it was working … pretty much. Body Concepts would send a guy or two away, either with or without another team, and use their remaining members to block anyone else from going ahead. Eventually the block would be broken, and the group would come back together. By the time we got a few miles into the second lap, it began to seem as if there were only 2 places to be: either in front of or behind the Body Block.
We go over the bump in lap 2. Lennon and I had gotten past the Block and pulled back a group of three. Groupo Compacto. A Body guy goes, and Paul says “Get on and go!” I figure this is pretty close to The Plan (plus 15 miles), so I jump ahead to the guy, and Tom joins us.  We organize right away, and – poof – we have a gap.  Lennon soft pedals at the front, and another Body Block is activated.  We are free to fly.  We keep it up, and the main field is gone – like other-zip-code-gone. We are pulling at around 25 mph and feeling like rock stars.
Our Body Buddy does his best, but starts struggling. After 6 or so miles, it’s just me, Tom and 23ish miles to go. We still feel good, and continue pulling.  At 18 miles, we start counting it down. Eddie is warming up in the back of my head. I try to meditate on Rule #5 (http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/) but determine meditation is not my thing. The 55+ 4s come and go. (The older guys had passed our main field.) Ten miles to go.  Tom is encouraging me. Along comes the 1,2,3s , and Eddie (Murphy, not Merckx) is macerating Roxanne at level 11.  We go over The Bridge With Weird Pavement and we are at 6-ish miles to go.  I am pedaling squares, but we are more determined than ever to get to the end – our minds telling us there was no way we were going to push this hard and get caught. The road is brutally flat in this part, with rough, cruddy pavement.  In the distance I see a silo, which marks the start line. I am discouraged that they moved the finish another mile away. It feels like we are on a treadmill, which isn’t going fast enough.  Eddie (Murphy, not Merckx) has abandoned. I tried to again meditate on Rule 5, but it still isn’t working. My peripheral vision is gone.  The world consists of me and Tom and the pavement and turning the pedals and, somewhere, hopefully, the finish.
Meanwhile, back in the main field, Lennon is rotating through to the front with the earnestness of a hippie at a metric century on his way to the next rest stop “with the most awesome oatmeal cookies,” and Scott is keeping the powder dry.  The main field begins tuning it up, but (fortunately) with the 55+ and the 1,2,3s scattered about, they don’t know where we are.
Tom and I get to the 1k sign and, of course, are confronted with a headwind.  The finishing “bump” looks like the Matterhorn. We pass some 55+ guys and get to the base of the bump. Tom tries to encourage me for the sprint, but I just watch him and the 55+s go. I burn my last match for the second time and get across the line.  Tom first, me second.  Within about 15 seconds I see Asbill, who had come in fourth, and Lennon.  Lennon had helped Scott bridge to some escapees from the main field.
It was a blast.

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September 30th, 2013 14:16:04

1st Bay Area Super Prestige CX

September 30th, 2013

1st Bay Area Super Prestige CX – Jordan Anderson Race Report 9.29.13:

Today was the first Bay Area cx race, at candlestick park. I raced the elite men, 60 guys in my field. Two sets Barriers and a run up made for a good race. I got a good start, I was 8th and was able to hold it for 3 laps; the laps were long, we did 9 I think in one hour. But I faded pretty hard after lap 3 and fell back slowly to 20th, which Is where finished, I think. I had a nice cart wheel crash towards the end too. So all in all it was good day and great start to the cx season! Thanks Owens, see you guys Wednesday.

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September 30th, 2013 14:02:15