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Santa Rosa Crit RR

August 19th, 2013

Santa Rosa Crit RR – Jordan Anderson Race Report 8.18.13

Raced the Elite 4’s at the 2wheel criterium down in Santa Rosa today. 30 racers in my field, they allowed some really young juniors to race with us, and they almost caused a few wrecks, very squid-like. Anyhow, we raced for 45 minutes, pretty high speed simple course. The finish was on a half mile slight incline through a big chicane. The first half I sat towards the middle of the pack, it was getting a little hairy so I decided to move up to the top 10 for the last few laps.With two laps to go I was in the top 5, we were definitely moving along pretty good, so holding the spot was a little more challenging then usual, but by the chicane of the last lap I was in about 8th when I hopped on a guys wheel, he pulled me through the chicane and ended up winning, my legs maxed out and I ended up 4th. I got 2 points, so we’ll see if they give me the upgrade! Fun race though, thanks Owens! Winters up next.

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August 19th, 2013 09:07:25

Dunnigan Hills

August 13th, 2013

Dunnigan Hills – Adam Pressman Race Report 8.12.2013

The easiest thing to do, whenever you fail, is to put yourself down by blaming your lack of ability for your misfortunes.”  Washington Irving

I suppose I could spin this report so it wouldn’t sound as if I failed.  I could say “it was a war of attrition in the hills and wind, which permitted an elite group of seven to form, and we all took turns battering each other until the finish line, where I got 4th. “  But, really, it wasn’t that way at all. Yes, the pack was whittled down: one of the eight guys we started with got a flat in the first mile and a half; and, yes, I got fourth.   The remaining details are almost too pitiful to recall, let alone publish, but here goes:

The course is 45 miles, very light wind (especially at the end), about 1,000 feet of climbing over a series gentle rollers in the middle half of the course.  It ends with 10 miles of straight, flat, before crossing an overpass, some twists and turns through what I affectionately call “Squeaky’s Corner,” and another K to the finish.  Our group of seven stuck together like a bunch of girl scouts holding hands through a carnival fun house.   Though Scott Asbill and I tried, probably 10-12 times, to break the monotony and actually race our bikes, the group would respond with heroic efforts to reunify.    We were regarded as social misfits in a moving rehab center for  guys with separation anxiety disorder.  By the time we got to the straight flat section, I was bored, bitter, tired and depressed.  We covered that section in half an hour – to put it in perspective, my Strava place was 469 out of 524.  As we rolled along, I was wishing I had my phone, so I could have tried to get to the next level on Candy Crush.

Scott hit the afterburners across the overpass, another guy second, me third.  I took the lead through Squeaky’s Corner and got to the K to go sign.  Scott goes again and the eventual winner is on his wheel, me third.  We get to 200 K to go, and I put what I have into it, but manage only fourth, Scott was fifth.  We tried to shrug off our disappointment, and went to Granzellas, for a post-mortem with Paul Higley.

It was really fun to ride with Scott.  We learned (which is one blessing) that we should have tried having one guy go, let others chase, then have other guy go, let others chase, etc.  I think we were both too focused on getting away together.  We will try to use our knowledge in Winters in a couple weeks– hopefully.

A few photos: we are at photos 211-214:


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August 13th, 2013 13:24:32

Downieville RR

August 07th, 2013

Downieville – Jordan Anderson Race Report 8.6.2013

Downieville 2013 was a good time. Paul, Bill, Jason, Michelle, and I stayed at my uncles cabin about 45 minutes away from the race. Our Den mother kept us well fed the entire time, we all appreciated that! So anyway, the racing was a blast as well. Friday we went for a practice run down the downhill to scope lines out for the weekend. Saturday morning was the cross-country race, the pro’s left the line at 9:30, Levi leading them up the climb, followed by our group leaving at 9:35. Getting a good start isn’t easy, since 400 racers all funnel up a 20 foot wide fire road, so we did what we could to get up front…eventually. The 8 mile 3000 foot climb allowed the four of us to get nice and warm. After about an hour of climbing, Jed, Amber, and Michelle waited for us at the top with bottles and food, and then the DH began. I wasn’t feeling to good when I first started descending, but after about 15 minutes I was good to go again. The remainder of the race had lots of downhill, one short climb, and two flat power sections. I cramped up a little but not enough to really phase me, Jason said he had to lay on the ground because his legs were locked up, that happened twice, Paul helped him out a little when he found Jason laying on the trail, and Wild Bill had a solid race. Jason finished in 2:56, Bill finished in 2:27, Paul finished in 2:49, and I finished in 2:16. Everybody had a blast!

Sunday was the downhill race. I was the first out of the four us to leave at around 10:30, they let us go in 1 minute intervals. I felt really smooth the entire time, powered the flats and short climbs as hard as I could, and was never passed but I managed to pass two racers. Also, Jed let me use his Trance for the weekend, which made life a whole lot easier, and the downhill a whole lot faster and smoother. Towards the bottom of the downhill, on one of the flat sections, I clipped a rock with my pedal and it very quickly and forcefully put me into the dirt, I didn’t lose much time, but I was definitely scrambling. I crossed the finish line at 50:43, which gave me the win for my class. Jason finished in 19th at 56:11, Paul did a 56:35 which put him in 9th place, and Bill threw down a 54:39 for a 12th place. Since the overall was based off points and not time, I won my category with 90 cross-country points and 185 downhill points, had it been based off combined time, I would have gotten 3rd place by 3 one-hundredths of a second. Jason was 24th overall in his class, Bill was 15th, and Paul was 10th. Great weekend of racing, we got some free swag, and had a great time! Thanks Owens and we’ll see everybody on Wednesday.

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August 07th, 2013 11:06:07