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Sea Otter RR

April 22nd, 2013

Jordan Anderson Race Report 4/21/13:

Hey everybody, this weekend I raced the sea otter down in monterey at the Laguna Seca Raceway.

Friday: I attempted to race the CAT 1 cross country, 40 miles with 7500 feet of climbing. We started on the race track in a peleton, and then made our way to the rolling fire road that follows a ridge line. I was with two other guys, we were the lead group. Only about 20 minutes into the race we had a good gap on the field, and that is when my race ended because my left crank arm spun 45 degrees out of place. I tried fixing it, but didnt have the tools.

Saturday: Saturday morning I raced the CAT 4 circuit race, which followed the whole race track. It was really fun, like a huge crit. We raced for 50 minutes, it started on the climb and finished just before it. I felt like I road smart, stayed out of the wind for the whole lap and then jumped near the front before the downhill to avoid any chaos, and then dropped back to middle again. Then on the last corner before the finish i was sitting in a perfect place but went to way to soon, probably from 500 meters, because first place had went from probably 700 meters, so I just got to nervous and tried to catch him, and then I got passed by two guys. So I ended up 4th in that. Still happy with it, but I could have done better.

Saturday night I raced the Pro/1/2 cyclocross. I had no idea that i was racing some of the top pros in country. It was really hard, but really fun. They did a great job making the course, it had two sets of barries, a run up, and a 30 yard gravel run. I felt really good, rode strong the whole race, but I just couldn’t hang with the big dogs and ended up 12th. I did come home with some money though, the fans were handing cash next to the second set of barries so I snagged some greenbacks. Great weekend of racing, looking forward to the lemurian, thanks Owens!

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April 22nd, 2013 14:22:50

Chico Stage RR

April 22nd, 2013

John Friesen Race Report 4/20/13:

Saturday: Paskenta road race- CAT 4/5

Adam, Paul, Jed, and I The road race started out at a moderate pace and noticeable wind if you were in the wrong place. The pace slowly increased once we made the right turn headed towards the rollers. Once we got to the rollers the pace definitely jumped up until we made it back into the flats with about 15 miles to go. We made a slight right hand turn and the front 5 racers increased the intensity, this was just before the rough road began. We got into the rough stuff, and I saw Paul and Adam go by on my right so hopped on and they pulled all the way until we hit the dirt…and then the intensity really increased. The 50 racer field immediately separated, with about 15 of us in the front pack. Jed then jumped in front of me and pulled for as long as he could. Which allowed us to catch back onto the lead group. I was holding on with everything I had until we hit the pavement again. I was able to recover up a gentle climb, and then the finish was about 2 miles away. It came down to a sprint finish and I waited too long, but still finished second. Adam, Paul, and Jed finished in the 30’s, recovering from keeping me where I needed to be, thanks guys!

The rest of the blue train raced the 1/2/3’s, two 45 mile laps and they all finished it. Mike and Bill flatted. Jonz blew up at the end of the first lap because he was delegated to pin-it from the gun, Todd and John finished somewhere in the front half of the pack.

Sunday-CRIT CAT 4/5

The crit started full throttle, and ended full throttle, we had two motors blow-up and one had an mechanical. I heard the announcer announce the first time bonus, so I followed Paul towards the front. He dropped back half way into the lap, and the next couple laps went by, then I realized that I hadn’t seen my amigos for a while. So i started looking around and  I then realized that i was the only one left, which wasn’t the game plan. So i just held on until the last two laps, when I moved into the front 5, I was set up for a podium.finish when some squid tried to take my front wheel out in the last corner, so I just sprinted for the best place i could get, and ended up 7th.

 Sunday- TT- Adam and I.

I was the second rider to go, and out of the start my legs didnt feel so hot, but they got much better. I caught my minute man fairly quick and kept the legs cranking at full tilt. I felt very good and crossed the line at 22:32, which was second place. Overall in the GC I came out second place. Very happy with that! I couldn’t have done it without my 9 man support crew. I believe that our CAT 2/3’s finished somewhere in the mid-pack for the GC, good work boys.  Thanks Mark for letting me borrow the TT set-up, and giving me all of your advice. Also, the team bike is awesome, thanks for getting that speed demon going John! Great weekend, everybody had a blast, thanks for everything.

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April 22nd, 2013 09:15:08