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Biketoberfest CX Road Race

October 15th, 2012

Jordan Anderson Race Report – 10/13/2012

Jed and I raced Jared’s first cx race of the season today up in McCloud. It was his biggest turnout that he has ever gotten from a race, we had 20-25 guys racing in our class. Pretty short coarse, about a 2:30 lap time, but really fun. It started on pavement, then transferred to grass and weaved for a while through some trees with a straight section of pure moon dust, which had different lines through it every lap. We then got back onto the pavement which lead us through to two barriers, followed by a pile a bark to ride through, then back through some grass, around two really wide hair-pen corners and through the finish. Pretty fast start, Jed was 3rd out of the start, I was 2nd, extremely dusty through the trees. The pace stayed pretty fast the whole race, we both felt really good. Surprisingly, both of us held our positions the entire race, I finished 2nd, and Jed finished 3rd. Really good time!

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October 15th, 2012 11:40:32

Klamath Falls Moore Cowbells CX Race

October 15th, 2012

Michelle Gill Race Report – 9/30/2012

Today Paul and I raced in Klamath falls. The race started up a grass hill. I passed the woman that was ahead of me at the top.  Down the hill and back and forth on the grass until we get to the sand areas. There were two of them and they were actually fun if you hit them with enough speed  which I did as Paul was standing on the side lines telling me what line to take.  The one woman passed me at some point but then when we got to the pavement I got around her and didn’t see her again. There were 4 women in the class so it wasn’t real big. But hey I won and I feel pretty good about that. I’m thinking maybe Owens wants to recruit me!!  Haha. It was fun and hard.

So that’s my report!!

Now for Paul’s report.

Raced hard.  Felt like I was gonna die. The end.

No really!!  I forgot how hard cyclocross racing is. It’s a fun course. I ended up 6th overall and 3rd in the 35+. Next one is Oct.14. Don’t forget about Jarrets race on the 13th in mccloud.

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October 15th, 2012 11:38:37

Whiskeytown Classic

October 08th, 2012

Jed Pope Race Report – 9/30/2012

John and I raced the whiskeytown classic today. The race started off as normal, a blistering fast start. Got a real good start sitting in second. About half way through the first lap I thought I was going to die…so I backed it off before the climb up satans crack. A couple guys passed me on the climb, halfway up I started to feel a lot better.  I settled in and felt good until the third lap, I had to stop at the aid station and fill my water bottle it was getting super hot by now. It took everything I had just to finish. So I dug deep and I ended up coming in first in the cat 1 19-34 class and 6th overall. I think John got 5th in his class. Thanks Owens for all the help, fun day of racing! See u guys soon.

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October 08th, 2012 11:18:33