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MTB Marathon Natz

September 17th, 2012

Jordan Anderson Race Report – September 15, 2012

Paul and I raced the mtb marathon natz yesterday, up in Bend. Paul raced 45-49 and I raced 19-29, my start was 9:15 and Paul’s was 9:27. The lap was 54 miles of single track and fire roads, the dirt was pretty sandy allowing good traction in areas, and really deep/loose in other areas, where it got kinda sketchy. 4 aid stations where Michelle was handing out water bottles for us, this was a life saver for sure. Oh and 6000 feet of climbing.  We started on a rolling sandy fire road, the pace was fast for this long of a race, then got to a single track with a mild climb and a fun downhill. Through the first aid station onto a short climb, then a few miles of rolling single track which lead into a 6 mile climb. About half way up the climb I started getting fatigued and lost a lot of motivation, so the remainder of the climb was painful. I thought Grandpa would be spinning by me any minute. But, the 6 mile descent after allowed me to recover and regain some focus. Then I was shocked to come around a corner and see the second aid station, where lots of people were already cramped up (not even half way done yet). I then realized that it was a survival race and my new goal was to just finish it! From here, I got a second wind and a big gain of motivation, I felt much better. We had a gentle rolling fire road for about 10 miles, leading into a few miles of single track, then back onto a fire road for a few miles, then another sandy single track (all of it stair-stepped going up a little more each time). Those trails seemed to go by extremely slow, like 3 miles an hour slow. Then a short fire which brought us to the last aid station with 13 miles to go. I got a fresh water and a gatorade, to kill the impending cramps, and kept on crankin’. No more fire roads beyond this point, just lava rock and sandy, flowy trails. These last miles had some of the most fun trails of the entire race, slalom type downhills with some rollers and doubles, where one rider crashed pretty bad (more on that later), and technical areas as well. The cramps hit for the second time on the slow, technical, climbing portion, but went away shortly. This was with about 5 miles to go. Then, the remaining 4 miles were all slightly uphill to the finish, and we were actually able to go a decent speed. I crossed the finish line with a thumbs up and a time of 4:53, 14th place in my class. We both had a blast, thanks Owens for making it happen!

Now, more on the injured guy. So when we first parked at the race area, this couple parked behind us. Michelle and his wife quickly started chatting and ended up driving to the aid stations together and hanging out together the entire day.  He was the guy who crashed (endoed over a roller and back-flopped and the c02 cartridge in his back pocket exploded along with his water bottle), this was about 8 miles from the finish. Paul saw “this guy” laying on the ground, so he stopped to make sure he was OK, but he wasn’t. Paul stayed with him and then realized that it was the guy who parked behind us. For 2 1/2 hours he waited until he wasn’t needed any more. Paul thinks he was sitting in 8th when he stopped to help. He didn’t get to finish, but I’m sure good karma is in his favor for a while.

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September 17th, 2012 13:52:18