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Winters Road Race – Adam

August 28th, 2012

Adam Pressman Race Report – 8/27/2012

The 5s in Winters do two laps of about 25 miles each, with a sharp, punchy climb and a rollercoaster descent in the middle of each lap.  It’s a fun course.  I circled the date on my calendar, and was really looking forward to it.  We had a big group of us going (me, Todd, Bill, Jordan, Big and Little Dillard), which made it even better.

The first lap was fun.  We rode as a group to the rollers before the climb, where the pace really picked up.  By the time we got over the hill, the group went from 50 to about 25.  A few guys did some major efforts, and the pace was pretty high through the end of that lap.

At the start of the second lap we were neutralized when the two-man break from the Pro 1,2 came by.  That was fine.  But then, right at the bottom of the climb, the main field of the Pro 1,2 came by – which meant we were neutralized for the entire climb, and the top part of the descent.  We got neutralized 2 more times as other groups came by.  (I don’t know what category they were.)  Then, we passed a large group of other riders by going into the oncoming lane as a pickup was headed towards us. 

As a result, the 25 of us were all pretty fresh (though also pretty nervous) and bunched together like sardines for the last 5 miles.  I clung to the left side of the lane, itching to cross the centerline when we reached the last 200m.  It was big time argy-bargy as everyone fought for position – some pretty strong shoves and lots of chatter from everyone.  The sprint came, I swung left and gave it the gas.  BR captured the moment on video –  9th place. 

On the descent a guy in a different category went off the road.  Brandon was there to help.  Some pictures of his bike (what’s left of it) are attached.  Yes, the bike broke in several places, including the fork, which caused the front wheel to get impaled on the chainrings.  Brandon said the guy was in about the same shape as his bike.   Let’s all be careful out there.

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August 28th, 2012 09:08:42

Winters Road Race – Jordan

August 28th, 2012

Jordan Anderson Race Report – 8/27/2012

Todd and Bill- cat1/2/3- 72 miles

Adam- 35+ 5- 50 miles

Tom, Brandon abd I- open 5’s- 50 miles

Todd and Bill left first, 3 lap race, with a field of 50, and their start was around 8:20. Then at 8:45 Tom and I started our 2 lap race. They ended up moving Brandon to a field with a lack of riders because there wasn’t much juniors for Brandon to race with. We had a neutral start for the couple miles then the pace picked up. Tom and I were sitting in the back of the pack for the first 10 miles then we decided to avdance to the front 15 before the two hills. On the descent I kept it in control since I had no idea where the road went. Throughout the remainder of lap 1 I stayed within the top 15, oh I forgot to mention that at the very beginning, after the neutral start, two guys jumped out front and gapped the field. At mile 30 during lap 2 they gave up and rejoined the pack. We got the 2 hills again and the pace was definitely faster than ths previous lap. During the desent I saw Brandon in the road waving people to slow down because somebody hit an oak tree and got hurt pretty bad. After the desent I found myself in the middle of the field. I worked my way up to the top 10 in the last few miles and once we hit the 1km mark I was sitting in third but out of the draft. So as I pushed to try and hold my spot I watched about 15 riders sail by me. Then the 200m mark appeared and I dug a little deeper and passed a few riders. I think finished top 10 but I could be wrong. Tom finished mid pack, then Adam’s group came sprinting in. Adam came home with 9th place. Bill decided to drop out of his race after lap 2 so he could record everybodies finish. Todd came in about 10 minutes later with a mid pack finish. Brandon ended up flatting twice and got a ride back in. Great race, we all had a blast! Thanks Owens for making it happen.

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August 28th, 2012 08:43:31

Annadel Race

August 21st, 2012

Tom Dillard Race Report – August 18, 2012

Brandon and I raced Saturday in Santa Rosa at the annadel mtb  race. It was a 30 mile race which started down town at city  hall.

There were 596 riders and it was a mass start . Brandon was  in the 35 and under expert and I was in the 35 and over. Brandon got right up  front I was mid pack on start and all the streets were blocked off for the first  four miles so the pace was fast for mtb bikes.  My computer said 28 miles per  hour. We  then hit the dirt at the park which, was quite dusty for a while until  we got to the single track. Course had great single track and fast flowing   descents. Brandon got 6th place in his class and I, got 11th in my class we both  had a great time.

Tom Dillard.

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August 21st, 2012 12:10:24

Dunnigan Hills Road Race

August 13th, 2012

Adam Pressman Race Report – August 11, 2012

The 5s at the DHRR do one lap of 46 miles.  It starts off on flat farm roads, then some rollers in the middle third – in those barren hills to the north of the 505 – followed by about 10 miles of flat-straight road parallel to I-5, then back across I-5 about a mile before the finish.

I got to the race with plenty of time to reg and check out the finish.  After the flat section along I-5, the finish turns right 90 degrees and goes over the 5, and back onto farm roads with bad pavement.  Soon after the overpass is a 90 degree left followed quickly by a 90 degree right, and then straight flat to the finish about 1k later. I imagined a pack of us charging into this meat grinder and got a nervous chill.

They combined the 35+5s and the 45+5s into one big-happy-dysfunctional Manson family of about 37.  We rolled off at about 9:15, with the thermometer already edging towards 80.  Everything ambled along predictably for the first 45 minutes, until we crossed the 505 and got to the rollers. A few others and I tried to get away in the second series of rollers, but nothing was going to work.  (I think that unless there is a big hill to really break it up, the 5s will stay together – a group just can’t get organized and the field will always chase.) We negotiate the other rollers, go through the feed zone, dodge a big tractor/harvester thing and some huge potholes, and cross I-5. 

A few of my cousins were taken out by flats, maybe a couple were caught out and left for the buzzards in the barren hills and man eating pot holes, but for the most part, the whole Manson family is there for the 10 mile dash to the finish.  I’m guessing it’s in the low 90s, and there’s a decent breeze from the east.  I work up to the front, and hope for someone to pull us to the overpass.  It works for the first few miles – a Sierra Nevada guy hammers away, stretching the field into a straight line.  When he pulls off, I join a doomed attack, mostly hoping to stay in the front before we reach the meat grinder/finishing chicane.  It comes back together, and I begin to channel my inner Cipollini in anticipation of a bunch sprint.

We arrive at the right turn to the overpass, but I’m on the wrong side of the road – I’d been taking shelter on the right side of the road and couldn’t do anything about the bunch of guys coming up on the left side of the road. (Lesson learned.) Around the turn we go, and my increasingly dysfunctional family, which now reckons itself as the light brigade, charges over the overpass.  I’m in tenth or so as we head to the left 90 degree turn at warp factor 10. Then, with the predictability of tomorrow’s sunrise, the excrement smacks the evaporative cooling device. The turn starts ok, but then along comes Squeaky Froome, who thinks he’ll cut the corner and gain a few places.  Squeaky comes into the left like a scud missile but can’t make the turn, and his trajectory is carrying him straight at the guy in front of me.  We all yard on the brakes and watch as Squeaky shoots the razor thin gap in front of the guy ahead of me, exits the road, and performs a striking replay of Lance Armstrong’s detour through the field.  During the ruckus my rear wheel jumps like an overly caffeinated bunny and, while my chain doesn’t come off and my tire doesn’t blow, my left foot came out of the pedal.  I have to do a few rotations with one leg before finally getting clipped back in.  (BR – this is a good point in favor of Speedplay pedals.) I shrug off my near brush with pavement, and go in chase of the guys in front.

There are 10ish guys drilling it about 20 M ahead, then me, then a small gap to the next group, which may be the main field (I really wasn’t paying attention to them).  Squeaky is doing cyclocross in the field, yet keeping it upright.  I chase on to the ten ahead, and have one match left.  We pass the 200 M to go sign, I burn my last match and somehow my sprint takes me past a couple guys.  7th overall, 4th in the 45 plus; same bone structure and amount of blood that I started with.

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August 13th, 2012 10:41:05

Downieville XC Race – Day 2

August 06th, 2012

Paul Lennon Race Report – 8/5/2012

Update on downhill results for Paul, ended up in 5th place for the all mountain class. Big bonus, no crashes.


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August 06th, 2012 16:00:28

Downieville XC Race – Day 1

August 06th, 2012

Paul Lennon Race Report – 8/4/2012

The race started with a 7 mile climb, 3000′ elevation gain. Jordan had a good climb and went over the top about 3 minutes ahead of Jed and I. The first downhill is a little loose, but not too bad. Jed and I were together the whole climb.
We then had a couple miles of fire road. I felt good and left Jed. Now the Pauley Creek downhill; hard to describe but lots of big rocks, steep and dusty, nothing like it in redding area. I had my 4′ travel bike wishing for 10′. Jordan and Jed, young studs that they are had hardtails. We pre rode it twice and I flatted both times with cuts to my tire.

I made my way thru the hard parts and caught Jordan just as he had finished airing up his tire, followed him till a short climb and passed him as he was beating his legs, I guess he thought it might help with the cramping.

Felt good the rest of the race and passed a few more riders, finished 9th in expert 45+ 2:24 time, puts me in 5th for tomorrows downhill race that will decide the All Mountain race.

Jed passed Jordan as he was putting a tube in his now flat tire. Jed’s time was 2:27 21st in expert 34 and under, Jordan was 2:40 and 42nd.

Good times, will update with tomorrows result. Jordan and Jed have the day off because Jordan thought the all mountain race would include swimming, ask him about it. Stay tuned.



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August 06th, 2012 15:58:29