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Ashland Enduro Road Race

June 25th, 2012

Jordan Anderson Race Report – 6/24/12

Race report from Ashland Mountain Challenge all four stages; Jed, Paul, and I.

Cold start to the day, light rain and as the Owens boys would do it, we decided to climb the hour to the first stage instead of waiting an hour for the shuttle, which was stacked with riders. We got to the top of stage one and ended up waiting for 30 minutes as all three of us stood under a plastic tarp that we found, to avoid getting soaked from the rain. Our start order was Paul, me, and then Jed. They had everybody starting in one minute intervals. The single track that we climbed in the spring thaw, was what we desended in this stage of the race. It was pretty muddy, but tacky in some spots, pretty fun start to the race. We all completed a solid first stage.

Stage two: Started on a fire road and lead into a double track, super fast and fun trail. We were all standing in line waiting to go, and the weather had already gotten nicer. Jed over heard a racer talking about some big water bar/jump that could make or brake you, so the guy told us where and what it was. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a water bar with a blind hole on the back side and a 15-20 foot gap in the middle. Paul had a great run without any problems, I did the same but the water bar almost bit me, and Moto Jed had his best run of the weekend on this stage, he was one of the few racers to jump the water bar (and he was on his hartail). Fun day!

Sunday, stages three and four: We started at the top of Mt. Ashland ski park and it was FREEZING. We went down a pretty fast fire road for about 5 minutes where stage 3 ended. Paul and I both had good solid runs, but unfortunetly for Jed, he flatted his rear tire. We then climbed single track to get to the final stage where,once again, the weather was much better. The dirt couldn’t have been better for this 30 minute downhill. Pretty fast with a lot of pedaling and a short climb, a few rocky technical areas, and tons of switch backs made for a great stage. All in all, great weekend of racing! Thanks Owens for letting us take the sprinter, it kept us dry and warm the whole weekend. Results to follow when they are posted.

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June 25th, 2012 09:45:20

Lemurian 2012

June 25th, 2012

Todd Dodds Race Report – 6/24/12

The Owens Healthcare cycling team was well represented at this year’s Shasta Lemurian. We had 11 of our 12 riders there which demonstrates our desire to support the local racing scene. Everyone would have been there but John missed the race due to being sick. Note: Ron Bresolin and the rest of the race promotion team did an amazing job as usual with race this year…Thanks for all you do.

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June 25th, 2012 09:41:00

Final Ride of Idaho

June 25th, 2012

Jordan Anderson Race Report – 6/20/12

Today was hands down, the most fun day of riding that Brandon and I did. We went to a few local bike shops asking about what trails they recommend for xc riding with fun desents. Two shops reffered us to the same trail called “Eve’s Gulch” which is just a few miles out of Ketchum. It climbed until we couldn’t climb anymore and then came down the same trail, which branched into a fairly new trail called “Forbidden Fruit”. We both agreed that it is our new favorite trail, huge banked, fast switch backs with about 15-20 small table top jumps! We rode it twice. After that, a bike shop owner said that there was a local USA cycling race that happened tonight at Cutter Park, Hailey, 10 miles south of where we are staying.

So now for the Race Report: It was a short track race, about a 4 minute lap and we raced for 45 minutes. Mostly dirt weaving through shrubs, and a grass finish area. Off the start three of the locals had the lead, Brandon was fourth, and I was fifth. Brandon snagged the lead on the second lap while I was hanging on in fourth place. With about 15 minutes to go I started fading pretty bad and was passed by three or four racers, and Brandon got a flat tire with about a minute lead on second place. He fixed it but it went flat again and he wasn’t able to finish. I finished somewhere in the back of the top 10 places. Fun day of riding and racing!

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June 25th, 2012 09:39:25

Humbug Hurry-Up

June 18th, 2012
Brandon Dillard Race Report – 6/9/2012
So last weekend some of the team traveled up to Yreka to race the humbug hurry up. There were 7 of us that went up in the sprinter van! We all warmed up and it was time for the race to start. We took off pretty fast and Matt Dooley leads us out. After we got to the first climb I took over just to see how long I could lead for. Turns out I ended up leading the whole race. Congrats to the rest of the team who I believe all finished in the top 10! Also big thanks to Owens Health Care for sponsoring the Humbug Hurry up!                 
Brandon Dillard

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June 18th, 2012 10:39:20

Folsom Race

June 12th, 2012

Tom Dillard Race Report – 6/9/2012

Went down to Folsom today thought I would try a criterium. I raced the master 4s. Had a pretty good field there were thirty one riders. I started mid pack and stayed there pretty much the whole race just tried to stay out of trouble. With five to go got my self in the top ten, then with two to go moved to fifth. When we came to the last corner got on the out side for the sprint and was able to bring home a third place. Had a great day see every one Wednesday.
- Tom

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June 12th, 2012 17:02:01

Spring Classic Race

June 04th, 2012

Tom Dillard Race Report – 5/27/12

Raced the Lagrange spring classic yesterday in Weaverville. Its the same course as the fall race pretty good turn out considering it was a three day weekend. The plan was just go out and race hard until my legs would give up which, I did not think would take long considering I raced Thursday night. I led pretty much the whole race until about a mile from the top of the last climb when I got passed.  I was able to stay on the guys back tire. I saw we were getting close to the single track and I knew it was pretty much down hill from there.  I made one last pass to get around him and hoped I could put some time on the guy on the down hill. Then it started to rain which made for some great traction. Went on to win the race and had a great time.


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June 04th, 2012 16:51:40

12 Hours of Weaverville Race

June 04th, 2012

Adam Pressman Race Report – 5/22/12

Weaverville . again. It looked the same as the last few times I’d been there, without the snow or the mud – which is to say that it looked pleasant. No long finger gloves, no freezing, no sliding around on the mud at the bottom of the first steep section, no watching a drip of water on the bill of my cycling cap slide from left to right.

Solo racers (me included) are a weird breed. In the hour before the race starts, everybody meticulously organizes their stuff while ambling around in a silent bubble, not wanting to waste any energy by talking or laughing. We all want to have our gear laid out “just so” because looking for something wastes energy, and energy will be a precious commodity as the day wanes on. It’s eerily quiet as we stake out our turf, set up bike stands, chairs, etc. and prepare food and hydration. Some guys have even brought two bikes, and have applied a second number plate so they won’t have to change the number plate when they change bikes. There is no music from a P.A. system. Nobody is spinning around to warm up, nobody hammers away on a trainer in the parking lot. An observer would characterize the mood gloomy, even with the perfect weather.

The gun goes off and some scramble away. Most of the 12-hour solo folks take easy gears, ignoring the 6-hour racers and/or the team racers as they burn matches to light up the first lap. I feel only ok. By the end of the second lap, I’m sore. By the end of the fourth lap, I’m really not feeling it. Usually, it is here where the race really starts for me. At around 6 hours, a slower pace begins to pay off as the rabbits begin to fade, and the turtles start moving to the front. Trying to overcome the fatigue and soreness, I ate a sandwich and a cookie, I filled my bottles, and I deployed my secret weapon: a 1977 Grateful Dead show which I had downloaded onto my ipod. If anything was going to help, it would be some words of wisdom from Jerry Garcia and the others.

It was working – my mood improved and the soreness seemed to fade as I listened to a Dead Show from 25 years ago:

Holes in what’s left of my reason. Holes in the knees of my blues. Odds against me been increasin’, but I’ll pull through.

Keep on rollin, my ol’ buddy you’re moving much too slow.

I wish I was a headlight, on a northbound train .

One of these days I’m gonna pull myself together, just as soon as I finish tearing myself apart .

But then, in the middle of Jerry’s soulful melodies and jams, along comes Jay-Z: “I got 99 problems .” (It’s a long story as to why Jay-Z made his way into the middle of my Dead Show, but the short version can be explained by operator error.) Some more Grateful Dead, and then Metallica begins belting out “For whom the bell tolls.”

The spell was broken. I pulled the pin after 9 ¾ hours. I had plenty of time for another lap, but didn’t have the enthusiasm. 7 laps, 82 miles, 11,200 feet of climbing.

I still managed 3rd in the 40 plus category. And if I had gone out for another lap, I think I still would have been third.

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June 04th, 2012 16:49:56

Spring Thaw 2012

June 04th, 2012
Paul Lennon Race Report – 5/19/12

Great day for a race. Four Owens riders raced in Ashland. John,Jed,Jordan and myself. Super fast start as mountain bike races are. The race started off with a climb and Jordan was out in front with the lead guys, followed by John. Jed and I were together going up the climb at a more sensible pace. Jordan told me he lost contact with the lead group 2/3 of the way up but after reviewing some photos from the race, taken at the top of the climb he was in front of two pros: Mark Weir and recent Lemurian winner, Jason Moeschler. Jordan didn’t realize who they were and sensing that the speed was faster than he wanted to be going, he backed off and rode the road section with another rider. Meanwhile Jed and I worked together on the road section and bridged up to John. Once the road section was done and we got to the single track Jed went out in front and flew down the hill like he always does. Overall results are: Jordan – 6th in the very competitive 19-34 age group (only around 8 minutes behind the winner,Carl Dekker.

Jed was 19th In the 19-34 class. John was 6th and I was pleasantly surprised with 2nd. It was a fun day. Thanks to the wives, girlfriends, kids and Zoe for cheering us on.


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June 04th, 2012 16:41:39