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Sea Otter Race

April 23rd, 2012

Jordan Anderson Race Report – 4/22/2012

I raced the sea otter today down in Monterey, really fun coarse. I was cat 2 19-24. It started on the Leguna Seca mazda road coarse for a half lap. My class had a pretty neutral start until we hit the rolling fire road. I was in first going into fire road section and powered the climbs trying create a gap. It went into rolling sandy single track then climbed a little. The rest of the coarse pretty much followed the same pattern. It had dirt, sand, road and fire road. I felt really good, legs were strong. 20 mile coarse and I led the whole race through the finish. Awesome race!

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April 23rd, 2012 08:54:11

Napa Dirt Classic

April 23rd, 2012

Tom Dillard Race Report – 3/15/2012

I raced the  nape dirt classic Sunday  which should have been called the mud classic. Fun course but the mud was heavy and slick. My goal was to come in the top 15 so i could go race the Nationals with Brandon. Made my goal I got 6th and kept my bike off the ground felt good to have a good race. Angela took Brandon to his High School race which was at the same time as mine he got called up to start third but he said he had no legs for the day he finished 13th for the day. see every one soon.


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April 23rd, 2012 08:52:45

Chico Stage Race Report

April 23rd, 2012

Adam Pressman Race Report – 3/16/2012

Chico Stage Road Race

I thought I learned a lesson in this race last year: stay out of the wind and conserve because nothing will go until the last 15 miles. When I went too hard too early last year, the others used this as an opportunity to spit me out the back when my supernova emolliated my wings and I fell Icarus-ly earthward. I wasn’t going to fall for it this year.

This year they combined the regular 5s with the master 5s, creating a field of 28. There was a strong wind from the north. Oblivious to the fact that younger riders and wind would make for an entirely different race, I put myself along the right edge of the road. I was hoping to “just sit in” while we bunny-hopped road kill and chatted for the first 10 or so miles, until the course makes a right turn and the wind would be at our backs.

This plan was quickly reshaped by the wind, and with all of its clarity. There was no ambling. After a series of “go fast for 10 pedal rotations, slow down, go fast for 10 pedal rotations, slow down (etc.)” a couple young guys launched off the front. The group gave chase like lemmings, and in a few moments we were more strung out than Courtney Love in bad need of a methadone fix. After a few more moments, the fragile string became fragments of despair, as individuals tried to come to terms with the two youngsters charging away, 50 meters up the road, seemingly oblivious to the lashing wind.

There were about 15 guys consolidated just ahead of me, still 50 meters behind the youngsters. I made it my goal, my prayer, my everything to get there. With a herculean effort by Russ, a Chico Masters guy, we got back in, but the wind hadn’t stopped, and the youngsters didn’t slow, and the pace was still at 11. Finally, by a miracle of space and time, we turned right, where the wind was at our backs. Yet, still, the youngsters didn’t slow and the group didn’t slow. Wind at our back or not, the group was not letting up on the gas. I went backwards, yet was almost spinning out the 53×12.

I was joined by one guy, and we worked together until he flatted. Russ came along, and we worked our way over the rollers, towards the pitiful pavement and past some of the scattered remnants of the insane clown posse who had been chasing the youngsters. (I later learned one of the youngsters is from Arcata knows Monster Todd, which explains a lot.) The gravel was fine. The end was in sight, and I finished 14th overall, 8th in the masters. I was satisfied by that.

The Crit

It’s only half an hour. There are 5 lefts and a right. There were no primes, and there were no real long drags where anyone could get away, even the wind-oblivious youngsters. I finished with the pack (albeit at the back of the pack). I might have improved my placing had I paid attention to the lap-counter-downer on the side of the finish line. Lesson learned. I had the same skin, blood and bone structure at the end as I did at the beginning, so I was satisfied by that. I actually enjoyed it.

The Time Trial

It was a 10 mile U-shaped course. Flat, out in the orchards.

What’s with all the funny bikes? And the funny helmets? It was torture. In the race of truth, I lost. But, with a funny bike, and a funny helmet? I probably would have still lost …

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April 23rd, 2012 08:51:18