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Whiskeytown Classic Mtn Bike

September 28th, 2010

Brandon’s Race Report

Results from Whiskeytown mtb race.  I got 5th over all in the expert race and 1st in my age group. I sure can tell I have been off the bike for three weeks. Also awsome job to Adam’s son Paul

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September 28th, 2010 15:57:11

Folsom Cyclebration

September 15th, 2010

Paul’s Race Report

 Jordan and I just finished up a three day MTB stage race, the Folsom cyclebration. Good results by both of us.

Stage one was a 5.4 mile TT with mostly singletrack and some pavement, Jordan was 3rd after a wrong turn slowed him down I took 1st in 40+ expert, felt good and took almost 45 seconds off last year time.

Stage 2 was a short track race, 8 laps 1.4 miles per lap. The start included 40+, 17 under, 50+ , and women, all expert. Nick Price and Jordan got the hole shot with me behind, I moved to the front before the swoopy section. By the end of the first lap there were just 4 of us in the lead all 40+, about the 3rd lap this slim fit guy came to the front and I was the only one able to hang on. He continued pulling the rest of the race with me feeling like I always do when Jonz starts killing it.

The last 1/2 lap he drilled it on the climb and left me.

2nd place for me, and Jordan battled with Nick with Nick taking the win with a inch at the line.

Stage 3 a 4 lap cross country course 21 miles long They started the classes in 30sec waves with 20+ followed by 30+ , and then my class had another good start with some carnage in the first technical section. Part way thru lap one we had bridged up in to the 2 groups ahead of us. The rest of the race went well until 1/2 a lap to go when Jon, the guy that beat me the day before came by the group I was in and left me again. Finished 3rd in 40+ and 5th overall. Jordan took a 3rd.

Stage result were a 2nd for both Joran and I.

This would make a good team event next year, there’s also a road race stage race and a cyclocross race.

Jordan‘s Race Report

As you all know paul and I raced the Folsom cyclebration this weekend, heres the details of my races.

So the first race the TT i thought I was off to good start until I realized I went the wrong way loosing 30+ seconds allowing nick price to pass me. I did eventually catch up to him and pass him but couldn’t get rid of him because he was on my wheel. Then the start of the last leg of the coarse I was in too high of gear and my bike didnt down shift so I had to get off and run while nick passed me again for the win. He actually had me beat the whole time because it was a TT and i lost time on the wrong turn. i ended up getting 3rd for time.

Then the next race, the 8 lap, 1.4 miles each, they started all categories of the expert men at once and nick grabbed the holeshot with me and paul following. Paul and his group pulled ahead while nick and I took turns drafting all 8 laps until the final sprint where nick won by .8 seconds. I got 2nd.

Then the final race, the 4 lap xc race, 21 miles total, we started in our categories, I was expert men 17&under, nick again grabbed the holeshot with me following all the way until the first climb where one of the other 17&under racers passed both of us and I couldn’t hold on while nick and him pulled up the hill. I was by myself for the remainder of the race taking 3rd. Overall i got 2nd place for the weekend. And I agree with Paul as far as making it a team race.

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September 15th, 2010 10:31:16