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Santa Rosa Cross Race

January 04th, 2012

Brandon Dillard’s Race Report – 12/17/2011

I went to Santa Rosa over the weekend to do a cross race. It was the last race of a series they had. I raced the open A”s. There were 21 guy”s and i was on the last row for the start but by the first corner I was in 5th. I just sat there for a few laps but and fell back to 7th. Thats where I finished, and also that was the best I felt all year so I was really happy with my finish! see you all soon!  – Brandon

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January 04th, 2012 11:47:55

USGP Race: Day 1

January 03rd, 2012

Paul Lennon’s Race Report – 12/10/2011

Cold but dry morning here in Bend, 56 guys in the 45+ race, no call up for me, started 4 row back. I had a great start went to the inside of the first corner and was around 15th, had a good first lap, 7th place. Had a few guys pass be before the end, finished 12th, pretty happy for not riding as much as I should be.

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January 03rd, 2012 17:48:29

Caldwell Cross Race

January 03rd, 2012

Jordan Anderson’s Race Report – 12/5/2010

Paul, Mike, Brandon Jed and I raced at Caldwell park yesterday for the cross race. The A’s had I think 13 riders so a decent turnout. The coarse was almost all grass but it had a decent flow to it but there was a lot of holes in the grass which made for a bumpy ride. Off the start Brandon set the pace followed by Mike, Paul and I brought up the rear of the blue train. At the end of the first lap Mike had mechanical issues which put Paul and I in 2nd and 3rd, Brandon was out of site. Then I passed Paul and he patiently waited  until we had 3 laps to go then he hammered it and went by me. I stayed on his pace for almost the rest of the race and finished 3rd. Brandon 1st, Paul 2nd, I didn’t hear Mikes place and Jed got 6th. Fun race.

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January 03rd, 2012 16:27:22

Whiskeytown Classic Mtn Bike

September 28th, 2010

Brandon’s Race Report

Results from Whiskeytown mtb race.  I got 5th over all in the expert race and 1st in my age group. I sure can tell I have been off the bike for three weeks. Also awsome job to Adam’s son Paul

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September 28th, 2010 15:57:11

Folsom Cyclebration

September 15th, 2010

Paul’s Race Report

 Jordan and I just finished up a three day MTB stage race, the Folsom cyclebration. Good results by both of us.

Stage one was a 5.4 mile TT with mostly singletrack and some pavement, Jordan was 3rd after a wrong turn slowed him down I took 1st in 40+ expert, felt good and took almost 45 seconds off last year time.

Stage 2 was a short track race, 8 laps 1.4 miles per lap. The start included 40+, 17 under, 50+ , and women, all expert. Nick Price and Jordan got the hole shot with me behind, I moved to the front before the swoopy section. By the end of the first lap there were just 4 of us in the lead all 40+, about the 3rd lap this slim fit guy came to the front and I was the only one able to hang on. He continued pulling the rest of the race with me feeling like I always do when Jonz starts killing it.

The last 1/2 lap he drilled it on the climb and left me.

2nd place for me, and Jordan battled with Nick with Nick taking the win with a inch at the line.

Stage 3 a 4 lap cross country course 21 miles long They started the classes in 30sec waves with 20+ followed by 30+ , and then my class had another good start with some carnage in the first technical section. Part way thru lap one we had bridged up in to the 2 groups ahead of us. The rest of the race went well until 1/2 a lap to go when Jon, the guy that beat me the day before came by the group I was in and left me again. Finished 3rd in 40+ and 5th overall. Jordan took a 3rd.

Stage result were a 2nd for both Joran and I.

This would make a good team event next year, there’s also a road race stage race and a cyclocross race.

Jordan‘s Race Report

As you all know paul and I raced the Folsom cyclebration this weekend, heres the details of my races.

So the first race the TT i thought I was off to good start until I realized I went the wrong way loosing 30+ seconds allowing nick price to pass me. I did eventually catch up to him and pass him but couldn’t get rid of him because he was on my wheel. Then the start of the last leg of the coarse I was in too high of gear and my bike didnt down shift so I had to get off and run while nick passed me again for the win. He actually had me beat the whole time because it was a TT and i lost time on the wrong turn. i ended up getting 3rd for time.

Then the next race, the 8 lap, 1.4 miles each, they started all categories of the expert men at once and nick grabbed the holeshot with me and paul following. Paul and his group pulled ahead while nick and I took turns drafting all 8 laps until the final sprint where nick won by .8 seconds. I got 2nd.

Then the final race, the 4 lap xc race, 21 miles total, we started in our categories, I was expert men 17&under, nick again grabbed the holeshot with me following all the way until the first climb where one of the other 17&under racers passed both of us and I couldn’t hold on while nick and him pulled up the hill. I was by myself for the remainder of the race taking 3rd. Overall i got 2nd place for the weekend. And I agree with Paul as far as making it a team race.

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September 15th, 2010 10:31:16

USAC Mtn Bike Nationals

July 16th, 2010

Congrats to Brandon Dillard who placed 16th in the Cat 1 XC 15-16!!!

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July 16th, 2010 12:20:58

Nevada City Race

June 21st, 2010
Masters 35 + 1/2/3
This race starts before the whistle blows as most of you who have raced Nevada City know. The start is critical so you have to race to get a good position prior to the start. Well, if positioning was any indication of how the race was going to go for me, I was going to win. I lined up in the front row right in the middle. I was ready to go!

Even though I was positioned well at the start, it was also critical to maintain it since the first half of the first lap was supposedly neutral. I have never been in a neutral lap where I had to push 330 watts to maintain position, today I did. I knew at that point I was going to surpass my pain threshold for the next 55 minutes.

When the race was finally on, I was in the top 20. I was fairly comfortable with that position so I maintained it for about 5 laps. Guys were popping off with each lap but I was feeling good so I knew today was going to go fairly well for me. With each lap the top 5 guys were accelerating at the bottom of the hill which was placing pressure on the guys behind them such as me. However, I thought I was in a good position to stay with the lead group. On the 7th lap, I was on Larry Nolan’s wheel at the bottom of the climb. I thought that was fairly safe since we had a lot of time race. I thought Larry would be fairly fresh and could hang on. I should have known better since he is as big as a linebacker and is known for his sprinting and track abilities not climbing. At the base of the last climb the group accelerated hard but Larry couldn’t hang-on. I tried coming around him but I missed the opportunity. I was bummed and had visions of not finishing the race once again like the two times in the past. I was a little deflated mentally but physically I felt very good.

I soldiered on for another lap on my own and then noticed that another group was coming up. This was the first chase group which contained about 8 guys including Larry Nolan and Bubba Melcher. I was in the race again albeit in the first chase group. I integrated right in and we started to work well together. The group had some strong and experienced riders so I felt comfortable flying downhill and I felt like I was one of the strongest climbers in the group. By the way, Dave Albrecht was shed from the lead group and he joined our group. I realized at that point that I was going to finish the race.

With two laps to go I knew what I was going to do to win the sprint out of this group. On the last lap at about the half way mark on the climb I was going to accelerate very hard. I knew I would have to do this in order to beat Larry in the sprint. My hope was to drop them quickly so they could not respond in time. This would give me plenty of time to complete the rest of the lap and come across the line in the lead of this group.

On the last lap I was positioned about third wheel coming out the second turn. We were climbing pretty hard but not at max effort. As we neared the halfway mark, I was ready to launch like Jonz does at the Redding City limits signs on the Wednesday ride. I downshifted, stood up and accelerated. People were cheering me on and I felt like my plan was going to work. As we neared the top of the hill, I had a pretty good gap and I thought it was going to stick. However, as I mentioned before there were some strong guys in the group including Larry. With about 50 meters to go I look over and see good ole Larry and two others in tow passing me. I finished 4th in the first chase group and 18th in the 35+ field.

Even though I didn’t finish as well as I could of, I achieved my goal of finishing the race. Moreover, my confidence level increased significantly. Next year I will be in the front group racing for 1st place. By the way, Matt Ream finished in second place overall.



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June 21st, 2010 10:05:09

Blazing Saddles Series Race

June 07th, 2010

Reported by Paul Lennon:

Blazing Saddles went good for me until Brandon showed up and took first in 3 of the 4 races, I won the first one, still took first in the series overall.

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June 07th, 2010 13:11:23

12 Hours of Weaverville

May 24th, 2010
Reported by Paul Lennon:
My friend Shawn Raley and I did the Weaverville 12 hr that turned into a 8 hr race due to snow, hail, rain, and a high of 39 that day. We won the 2 man race with the Dillards taking second.
Animation Report by Adam Pressman:

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May 24th, 2010 13:14:38

Ashland Spring Thaw Race

May 17th, 2010

Had to make a game-time decision about which bike to race once I heard Simpson and Dodds were going to go single speed. I always think riding single is a blast. But I also know Ashland’s course, and with 8 or so miles up, 5 or so miles levelish and 100 miles downhill (or whatever) I was hesitant about the prospect of riding that top level section spun out like teenager in a 1984 Monte Carlo doing brodies on a frozen Minnesota lake (I’m speaking from experience).


After hemming and hawing about it all the way up during the drive from Redding, I rationalized that if Simpdog and Doddsdog can do it, well then so can I.  Plus, the SSers were going to all start in their own category and it might be a lot of fun going up against a bunch of other fools. We’d all look like idiots spinning our legs off together. 


So we toe the line 10 minutes after the pros start and there looks to be a big field – I’d guess 30 or so SSers (turns out there were exactly 21 if the results are correct). We started with the Sport and Women’s categories.  The gun goes off and Dodds shoots to the front with the geared bike leaders. He sits basically third wheel or so and disappears from my view as he and the other leaders slowly pull away from me.


[Sidebar: I had the chance to test ride Dodd’s Salsa 29er SS rig last week which is set up almost exactly like Simpson’s – that thing is sweet – unsuspended and lighter than air. I’m guessing it weighs like half a pound or something (maybe a little heavier, but it can’t be much).]


He’s got something bigger than a 2:1 ratio so it’s perfect for this uphill and from what I can tell, he looks comfy at the pace he’s going. Me, not so much. At mile 2 I’m starting to cramp up already. The Kona is sweet but 29 lbs. of dual suspension (locked out but still being sucked into the bowels of the earth by gravity) I’m lugging up that hill is starting to get to me. Like Dodds I’m also riding a 2:1 gearing ratio, but unlike Dodds, I’m constantly standing, then sitting, then standing, then sitting. Just never feeling comfortable. Normally I have enough oomph to push that thing up hill, but for some reason, it was not easy this day. I can tell this race is not going to go well for me.


About 3 miles into the race, I see a red Salsa off the side of the road, with it’s rider nowhere to be found. Was Dodds abducted by aliens? Did a Bey-Bear get him? Did a Sport Fred throw him an elbow and he’s over a cliff? Worried, I ride over there and look over the embankment and see Dodds watering the poison oak. Apparently too much coffee. I think about waiting for him, but there’s no point, he’d just pull away from me again as soon as he got back on it.  Sure enough not long afterwards there he is again, all smiley, easy-pedaling, jovial, and annoyingly fresh. I pretend not to be suffering and try to hang on his wheel.



When we hit the one section of uphill singletrack near the top of the climb Dodds is just in front of me, (Simpson must be somewhere behind us in his own private SS hell), but just in front of both of us are a whole bunch of geared bikers who have shifted into their grannies and are barely generating enough gyroscopic motion to keep their bikes upright. They are going soooooooooooooo sloooooooooooow. You just can’t go that slow on a SS rig or you’ll fall over. Dodds and I both make some sketchy passes. Some of the riders are cool about letting us by. Others, not so cool. We pass one, two, three, groups. Dodds goes first, then I get stuck behind and pass later. Eventually, Todd gets away from me again as I get stuck for a long time behind a train of granny-spinners. I’m forced to dismount and walk.


I’m never going to see Dodds again in this race. He’s going to peg it at the top and then rip in down the hill. At this point, I think Todd was running 3rd in the SS race. (There was this one dude on a pink Bianchi SS who was the real deal – he passed me at about mile 2 like I was superglued to a tree.  I heard he caught up to most of the pro field that started 10 minutes ahead of us. Whoa).  Across the flats on top Dodds did in fact peg it and caught #2, then let it fly down the superfun singletrack.  But he flatted and the Stan’s wasn’t sealing it. This was the second time I passed him off his bike in this race.  I didn’t wait or offer any useful assistance this time either, except to say ‘you OK?’.   The downhill was of course in great shape. Even I can handle that downhill – I only got passed by 2 guys, not bad for a roadie.  In the end I wound up 4th, Dodds 5th (should have been 2nd), and Simpson was 7th.


Full results:

Lennon 1:53 19th, 1st 45+

Zeis, 1:58 1st Cat. 2 18 and under

Reuss, 2:00, 50th, 12th 35-44

Norine, 2:01, 59th, 4th SS

Dodds, 2:02, 64th, 5th SS

Friesen, 2:03, 66th, 17th 35-44

Simpson, 2:10, 92nd, 7th SS

Pressman, 2:11, 96th, 5th 45+

Blaser, 2:26, 154th, 9th 45+

Rena, 2:42, 191st, 5th Cat 2 35+

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May 17th, 2010 13:03:50