Why Support Cycling?

How the Team Got Started:

In 2003, John Friesen, President and CEO of Owens Healthcare wanted to create an opportunity for talented riders in the area to get more exposure.

An avid cyclist himself, John took on the challenge and solicited local businesses for sponsorship support. Within 6 months, an eight member team was developed with seven sponsors willing to support the team.

The Owens Healthcare Cycling Team competes in races, riding at many different levels in Road, Mountain, and Cyclocross. Our team enjoys the sport of cycling because the sport combines teamwork and individual physical fitness, which results in overall good health.

The team's main objective is to promote "riding for better health." There are numerous research studies that show the United States has risen to a level of poor health at an epidemic rate. Cycling is a universal sport that promotes healthy living. Anyone can cycle from their younger years to their golden years. The sport attracts all ages and experience levels from the casual weekend rider to the more serious competitive rider.